What Can Improv Do For You?

Improvisation is often used as part of a conference, symposium, or retreat because it's fun and breaks up the often dry, more information-intensive breakout sessions and workshops. 

Typically, an improv event is used near the opening to get people laughing and enjoying each other, set a positive tone for the overall event, and accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Team Building: Improv helps your employees to listen to one another, trust one another, and connect more deeply to each other and to the organization.
  • Sales Training: Improv helps your sales professionals develop the ability to connect, empathize, and react quickly in a variety of B-C and B-B sales situations.
  • Leadership Development: Improv helps your executive team to communicate and present effectively and become more confident managers and leaders.

Our unique methodology is immersive and experiential (no slideshows or handouts). We provide a safe, nurturing environment and teach a step-by-step improv technique that is simple to learn and apply.

Whether your team is full of extroverts or introverts, ISTJs or ENFPs, when you hire us for a custom event, the result will be a unique, fun, bonding experience that your team will share and remember for a long time to come.

Our instructors have worked with The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Rancho La Puerta, Santa Fe Opera, and Kearny Elementary (a Santa Fe Public School).

Get in touch and let us create a custom event for you! 

Case Study: Kearny Elementary

Kearny Elementary, a K-6 public school in Santa Fe, brought us in for a team-building workshop.

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Stephanie Hubley

Principal, Kearny Elementary

I was really trying to think about what would really be fun and exciting for staff and what would build our community and Santa Fe Improv seemed like the perfect fit - and it was! I got great feedback from my staff. They loved it. It was the most popular activity of our opening days. It helped us to interact with each other in new ways. We are always working so hard together, and just to play together was very special.